Ecosilk bags were created in 1999 by Emily Hay, who was dismayed with the widespread acceptance of plastic bag use in society, and the lack of a viable alternative.
As a pattern-maker/fashion designer, she developed the basic design of a plastic bag, using a durable nylon fabric called parachute silk. After trialling the bags for two years and finding them to be ideal in every way, Emily started the business – Ecosilk Bags – in February 2001, with some initial help from a friend.
The bag production started on the kitchen table, where they were cut and machined by Emily, but has now grown to full scale production in China. The bags are sold throughout Australia, and are spreading to the UK, USA and Canada. The business is operated from a warehouse in Lismore, Northern New South Wales, Australia.

Our manufacturer in China
All bags made for Ecosilk Bags are sampled and trialled first by Emily Hay, owner/proprietor, in Australia, then sent to the company's manufacturers in China, where they are again sampled for final approval prior to large scale production.
Declaration by Emily: Upon deciding to move the manufacturing to China, I was determined to find a company that had a high standard of workmanship, but equally important - also treated their workers fairly and ethically. These issues were far more important to me than a low price.
I asked many questions and requested photos of the working environments of the many manufacturers who wished to make the bags, and was satisfied with the one I chose.
This is their declaration and to the right are the accompanying photos showing their working environment.

"I appreciate very much that you are concerned with Chinese workers working conditions. We don't employ child workers, and our workers are paid fairly and never forced to work overtime. Our workers enjoy the holidays according to our government rules. Also the working environment is not very very nice, but it is not bad, either." Jenny.